Domain Specific Languages

Domain Specific Languages has been one of the bigger development “buzz topic”s over the last year or two (I can’t call it a “buzz word” since its three). DSLs are mentioned a lot by the ThoughtWorker crowd (Martin Fowler, Obie Fernandez, Neil Ford, etc).

I’ve always been curious about it and even sat through a presentation about DSLs by Neil (leaving completely confused BTW) at NFJS.

Well, I’ve finally seen a couple of tangible examples of a DSL. Heck… I’ve even been using one without realizing it: jMock. Check out Martin’s post. He’s got a nice example describing what he calls a “FluentInterface.” (He’s always inventing new terms…)

I think I finally Get It. Based on those examples I see how it can be done in Java. And… I think its hugely powerful. Programs could become a LOT more readable, reflecting the rules and constraints of the problem space.

One of the big issues I see with it is that it takes more time to understand the problem and design a nice DSL. I need to hunker down and read “Domain Driven Design” by Eric Evans and try to apply it. When I get the chance I’ll be sure to let you all know…

Making the Switch

Yes, its yet another blogger talking about making the Switch from Windows to the Mac. For me, its returning to my roots. I got my start programming on the original Macintosh. Yep… 128K of RAM and two 400K disk drives!

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Blogging from TextMate

I managed to get TextMate configured to post to my blog. Its pretty slick. I’m using WordPress and it seems that it only works with the HTML formatting (that’s the template you need to select when you create a new post). I like using TextMate as it lets me easily save my entries locally when I’m not online and post them later. As with anything… there are a thousand other ways to create posts for your blog, but if you’ve got TextMate its worth checking out. There is a nice video demonstrating how to use it.

Hello world!

I’ve finally got my domain setup and WordPress installed. I’ll make a real post soon… I promise! I just need to read up on how to do blogging from TextMate.

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