Off Crutches!

I’m still recovering from my accident.

Last week I saw the doctor and he gave the OK to put weight on my leg. His quote was “I want you walking on it.” Cool! Up to this point I was worried about putting weight on my leg (even though I’d gone down to using only one crutch).

So…. no more crutches for me! Whoohoo!!!

Last week I was walking with a very noticeable limp and moving at a snail’s pace, but this week is much better. I’m still not going to win any races, but it gets better every day.

I still don’t have much flexibility in my ankle. I have about 50% of the range of motion that I have with the other foot and I don’t have any strength to “push off” with that foot.

I started physical therapy this week and have some “homework” to do to stretch that ankle. Things are heading in the right direction!

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