Atlassian tools for $10 bucks!

Don’t know if you saw this or not, but Atlassian has released a new version of their bug tracking tool JIRA and on top of that, they’re selling each of their products for $10 bucks (so called ‘starter‘ licenses).

I didn’t realize this until now, but they also have an agile project management tool called ‘GreenHopper‘ (which looks a lot like Mingle to me – in fact it looks like ThoughtWorks and Atlassian are duking it out product to product).

The best part is that for $10, you get 10 licenses!

I’ve used JIRA quite a bit and its not bad. I really don’t like any defect tracking software (most of them have a lot of noise for little information). However, JIRA ties in nicely with their build server Bamboo and that is huge. Being able to say what defects went into what build without manually tracking build numbers, subversion revision numbers, release numbers, etc provides a lot of value. It automatically answers the question “what’s in the latest build?”

If they’ve integrated GreenHopper in the same fashion, that would also be huge help.

In general, I’m more of a fan of whiteboards, index cards and information radiators. But, if you have a distributed team, Atlassian’s product suite for 10 bucks is definitely worth evaluating.

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