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Off Crutches!

I’m still recovering from my accident.

Last week I saw the doctor and he gave the OK to put weight on my leg. His quote was “I want you walking on it.” Cool! Up to this point I was worried about putting weight on my leg (even though I’d gone down to using only one crutch).

So…. no more crutches for me! Whoohoo!!!

Last week I was walking with a very noticeable limp and moving at a snail’s pace, but this week is much better. I’m still not going to win any races, but it gets better every day.

I still don’t have much flexibility in my ankle. I have about 50% of the range of motion that I have with the other foot and I don’t have any strength to “push off” with that foot.

I started physical therapy this week and have some “homework” to do to stretch that ankle. Things are heading in the right direction!

3 weeks down – 1 week to go

So… as I wrote about in a previous post, I broke my leg 3 weeks ago.

I’ve been hobbling around on crutches ever since and frankly – its getting old!

The good news is that I’m not in any real pain and things seem to be healing OK. I’m still wondering it’ll be like to walk after my cast is off. I’m not concerned about my broken healing leg as much as I’m concerned about my ankle. Its what hurts when I put weight on that leg. I wonder how long I’ll walk with a noticeable limp. :-(

Today I saw the doctor and he gave me a bit of good news – one week from today I’ll be able to trade in my fiberglass cast for a “walking cast” that I can take off to shower, get dressed, etc. Yeah… besides the crutches, having to wrap my leg each morning in a garbage bag (takes 10 minutes!) is the other thing that’s getting really old.

As of today I’m getting around on one crutch which is a huge improvement as I can actually carry a cup of coffee while I walk (very carefully of course).


Up until 4:00 on Sunday I’d made it 39+ years without a) breaking a bone b) visiting an ER for me and c) riding in an Ambulance.

Now I’ve accomplished all three!

On Sunday I was at my parent’s place on Lake Miltona. My dad had setup a “zip line” that ran from a tree near the beach out into the water to a rig attached to our boat lift.

The idea is simple: Climb up the ladder, grab the handle, go for a ride, land with a splash at the end.

Sounds fun, eh? No? Hmm… well I suppose you’d have to be there.

It was fun… until the cable broke while I was mid-ride.

I fell about 5 ~ 6 ft down onto the beach landing on the water’s edge. The handle hit my head and cut me a little. But as started to get up, I looked at my foot and… it wasn’t pointing the way its supposed to point (it looked like a bad football injury.. the kind they won’t show replays of :-/ ). I knew I wasn’t going anywhere.

After a nice ride in the ambulance and a warm welcome in the ER I learned that I’d broken my fibula and dislocated my foot (well… one look at my foot at that much was obvious).

The excellent doctor at the hospital gave me some “happy-forget” medicine and put everything back in place, wrapped me in a splint and then sent me on my way.

There was potential that I might need surgery to have a plate put in, but after visiting an orthopedic specialist yesterday it appears that I’m very lucky and things should heal up just fine.

Looks like I’ll be in a cast for 4 to 6 weeks. Fortunately, I’m not in any pain. I’m being very careful, but… so far, so good. Its nothing like I thought it might be.

The biggest issue is the inconvenience of hobbling around on crutches and having to cancel my big trip I was leaving on this week. :-(

On the plus side… I should have plenty of time for Ruby, Objective-C, and other technical pursuits… :-)